Tropical Plants

Aquarium plants are essential components of any thriving aquatic ecosystem, offering numerous benefits to both fish and the aquarium environment. These plants not only enhance the visual appeal of the tank with their vibrant colors and diverse shapes but also play crucial roles in maintaining water quality. They absorb nitrates and carbon dioxide, helping to balance the ecosystem and reduce algae growth. Additionally, aquarium plants provide shelter and hiding spots for fish, reduce stress levels, and promote natural behavior.

Available to purchase in-store only!

Here’s a sample selection of aquarium plants available for purchase. However, as our inventory changes rapidly, we advise contacting us via phone or email before visiting to ensure availability of the species you’re interested in. Feel free to reach out to us with your desired plant species, and we’ll gladly assist you in finding what you’re looking for.

Our bunched tropical plants are £3.50 each with the offer of by 5 get one free!!.

XL Potted Mother plants are £19.95 each

  • Echinodorus fancy twist 
  • Alternanthera lilacina  
  • Alternanthera reineckii rosanervig 
  • Bacopa caroliniana  
  • Bacopa madagascariensis  
  • Bolbitis heteroclita asiatica  
  • Ceratopteris thalictroides  
  • Dracaena sanderiana green  
  • Dracaena variegatus 
  • Echinodorus amazonicus  
  • Echinodorus argentinensis  
  • Echinodorus cordifolius  
  • Echinodorus martii (major)  
  • Echinodorus ozelot red 
  • Hemigraphis colorata exotica  
  • Hydrocotyle leucocephala  
  • Hygrophila corymbosa (siamensis/stricta)  
  • Hygrophila difformis  
  • Hygrophila pinnatifida 
  • Juncus repens  
  • Limnophila aromatica (hippuridoides) 
  • Microsorum pteropus 
  • Ophiopogon japonica  
  • Ophiopogon pusillus  
  • Proserpinaca palustris 
  • Anubias barteri var barteri  
  • Anubias barteri var nana 
  • Anubias barteri var nana (golden)