P.V.C pond liners

PVC pond liners are a popular choice for creating water features such as ponds and water gardens. These liners are made from durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, which offers excellent flexibility and strength. PVC pond liners provide a reliable barrier against leaks and seepage, ensuring the retention of water in the pond. They are resistant…

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Sizes available for collection.

2m x 2m               £13.95

2m x 3m               £19.95

3m x 3m               £27.95

3m x 4m               £36.95

4m x 4m               £49.95

4m x 5m               £72.95

5m x 6m               £105.95

6m x 6m               £125.95

Calculating the correct size pond liner for your pond involves measuring the dimensions of your pond and considering additional factors such as depth and overlap.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Measure Pond Dimensions: Measure the length, width, and maximum depth of your pond using a tape measure. If your pond has irregular shapes, measure the widest points to ensure proper coverage.

Add Overlap: To ensure adequate coverage and allowance for securing the liner, add at least 1-2 feet (30-60 cm) to each side of the pond’s length and width. This extra material will create an overlap that can be secured around the edges of the pond.

Consider Depth: Determine the depth of your pond and add twice this depth to each side of the pond’s length and width. This accounts for the vertical sides and bottom of the pond.

Calculate Liner Size: Add the total additional length and width from steps 2 and 3 to the original length and width measurements of your pond. This will give you the minimum size of the pond liner needed.

Account for Underlayment: Consider adding an underlayment material beneath the pond liner to protect it from punctures and abrasions. Calculate the size of the underlayment based on the dimensions of the pond liner.

By following these steps and carefully measuring your pond’s dimensions, you can determine the correct size pond liner needed to create a watertight and visually appealing pond.


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