Mike and Anne have been the driving force behind The Water Garden since they married in 1973.

Although Mike initially embarked on this venture in 1963, it wasn’t until the early 1970s that the business gained traction. In its formative years, Mike’s parents’ support, played a crucial role. By 1970, with Mike’s parents fully invested in the enterprise, and Anne joining the team as his spouse, the quartet became pioneers in an emerging industry. From those humble beginnings, The Water Garden has established itself as a beacon of excellence, offering top-notch products and expertise, all while embodying an idyllic lifestyle cherished by three generations.

Anne’s aquatic journey is a testament to self-education. In an era devoid of formal university courses, she embarked on a path of self-discovery, spending countless nights immersed in books and learning from trial and error. Fast forward to the present day, her expertise is unparalleled. Anne’s mastery extends to all aspects of aquatic plants, and she now devotes her time to nurturing them in our greenhouse and polytunnels, with her faithful dogs by her side.

Initially, Ben, their eldest son, assumed leadership of the Tropical Aquarium Department. With a National Diploma in Aquatic Fisheries and Ornamental Fish obtained in 1996, he further honed his expertise by working at specialized ornamental fish farms and aquatic wholesalers. Equipped with this extensive knowledge, he returned to The Water Garden to continue the family legacy.

Drawing upon his parents’ wealth of experience, Ben expanded his scope to include water gardening, encompassing pond design and the technical aspects of water science, including pumps, filters, and plant husbandry. While adeptly navigating the intricacies of exotic fish and plants sourced globally, he remains committed to delivering personalized customer service, guiding patrons through their individual requirements with patience and care. 

As they look towards the future, the hope is to perpetuate the warm, familial atmosphere that has defined The Water Garden over the years, ensuring its continued success for generations to come.