Planting Baskets

Flexible corrugated tubing is sold by the meter and available in a range of sizes suitable to do any job in the pond. The corrugation means it’s both flexible, durable and is able to turn tight corners without kinking. Being black it deters algae growth inside the pipes and makes it easier to hide.

12mm (1/2") Corrugated Tubing
Ideal for attaching ornaments in or out of the pond. Sold by the meter.
Size: 12mm, 1/2 inch
Price: £1.65 ea.
20mm (3/4") Corrugated Tubing
Used for very small waterfalls and barrel features. Sold by the meter.
Size: 20mm,  3/4 inch
Price: £1.95 ea.
25mm (1") Corrugated Tubing
Adequate for small waterfalls or streams. Sold by the meter.
Size: 25mm, 1 inch
Price: £2.95 ea.
32mm (1 1/4") Corrugated Tubing
Perfect for small to medium sized waterfalls and filtration. Sold by the meter.
Size: 32mm, 1 1/4 inch
Price: £4.95 ea.
38mm (1 1/2") Corrugated Tubing
A standard size pipe work for most external pond filters. Sold by the meter.
Size: 38mm, 1 1/2 inch
Price: £5.95 ea.
50mm (2") Corrugated Tubing
Intended for large waterfalls or filters for bulk movement of water. Sold by the meter.
Size: 50mm, 2 inch
Price: £7.95 ea.