Who Are We?

A photo of our gardens
The Water Garden

Mike & Anne have run The Water Garden together since they married in 1973.

Initially Mike started back in 1963, but it was not until the early 1970’s that business became a viable concern. The early years owed a lot to the tolerance and financial backing of his parents, however by 1970 they were both working full time in their sons business and with the addition of his new wife all four became pioneers in a newly born industry. Ever since the early days ‘The Water Garden’ has built a reputation for high quality stock and expertise whilst maintaining an idyllic way of life that has been now been enjoyed by three generations.

A photo of ponds
The Water Garden

Ben, their eldest Son now runs the Tropical Aquarium Department. He started work at ‘The Water Garden’ after he had acquired his National diploma in Aquatic Fisheries and Ornamental Fish in 1996. His easy confident style continues the tradition of taking time talking to customers explaining the often complicated requirements of some exotic fish and plants that he now sells from around the world.

In the true spirit of a family enterprise their youngest Son, now an experienced computer programmer, helps maintain the companies Web-page and catalogues as well as helping during those occasional panic days.

With luck we all hope to develop the happy family atmosphere into the coming years!