Established in 1962, The Water Garden spans approximately 2 acres, exclusively dedicated to celebrating the beauty of water in garden spaces. What sets us apart from traditional Garden Centre’s is our exclusive focus on water-related elements. Our extensive range includes pond liners, water pumps suitable for ponds of all sizes, pre-made waterfalls, and filters. Additionally, our inventory boasts a diverse selection of plants, ranging from deep water favorites like Lilies and oxygenators to shallow water options such as Irises and reeds, along with floating and bogside plants.

Catering to a diverse clientele, from individual homeowners to commercial landscapers, we welcome projects of any scale. Nestled on the scenic outskirts of the Wiltshire downs, our nursery site is meticulously designed to emulate a private garden. When you visit, expect a warm reception, as we operate as a closely-knit family business.

And that’s not all

The Water Garden goes beyond garden essentials, bringing you a spectacular selection of tropical fish to transform any aquarium into a thriving underwater paradise. Explore our array of aquatic equipment and a diverse range of fish tanks to enhance your underwater oasis.


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