Native Plants

Acorus Calamus
Native. Sharp Iris like foliage which gives off a sweet scent when crushed or damaged. Strong grower unless contained. Height 24 inch plus.
Common Name: Sweet Scented Rush
Price: £4.95 ea.
Alisma Plantago
When mature this plant sends up many flower stems with multiple delicate white flowers and broad spade leaves.
Common Name: Water plantain
Price: £4.95 ea.
Allium Schoenoprasum
Grass like green leaves with pretty rose, pink flowers.
Common Name: Water Chives
Price: £4.95 ea.
Anagallis Tenella
Forms a dense carpet of tiny leaves mixing in with numerous rosy pink flowers. Perfect for very shallow water or bog side.
Common Name: Bog Pimpernel
Price: £4.95 ea.
Butomus Umbellatus
Native. Delicate reed foliage standing 24 inches high by mid summer with a beautiful umbrella of pink flowers. A ideal plant to grow as combination arrangement.
Common Name: Flowering Rush
Price: £4.95 ea.
Caltha Palustrus
Native. Marsh Marigold. First splash of colour in early Spring. Buttercup yellow flowers amongst neat clump forming foliage.
Common Name: Marsh Marigold
Price: £4.95 ea.
Cardamine Pratensis
Delicate pale lilac flowers in early Spring held high on 6-8inch stems
Price: £4.95 ea.
Carex Panicea
A delicate plant of blueish slender leaves.
Common Name: Carnation Grass
Price: £4.95 ea.
Cyperus Longus
Native. Course stemmed rush standing 18 inches or so high. A spectacular flower head spray of grass seed heads. Keep restricted.
Common Name: Sweet Galingale
Price: £4.95 ea.
Eleocharis Palustris
A matt forming perennial with fine grass like foliage.
Common Name: Spike-rush
Price: £4.95 ea.
Equisetium Hyemale
A stunning evergreen plant, extremely hardy even 500 miles from the Arctic circle". Cut down old growth in springtime to allow new growth to come through.
Common Name: Rough horsetail
Price: £4.95 ea.
Glyceria Maxima
A vigorous grassy plant with deep green foliage. Very popular for native planting schemes to provide cover for wildlife and insects.
Common Name: Reed Sweet-Grass
Price: £4.95 ea.
Hipperus Vulgaris
Low growing vertical bottle brush stems, that stick up out of shallow water with a very pleasing effect.
Common Name: Mare's Tail
Price: £4.95 ea.
Hydrocharis Morsus-Ranae
Small lily like floating leaves growing from a central bud, pretty white flowers. Hardy
Common Name: Frogbit
Price: £4.95 ea.
Hypericum Tetrapterum
A small creeping perennial. Soft round leaves with yellow flowers in clusters.
Common Name: Square-stalked St. John's wort
Price: £4.95 ea.
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