Deep Marginal Plants

These few plants are separated from the other marginal plants because they need to grow in water that is slightly deeper. Normally about 8 to 12 inch of water above the soil level, whereas the marginals would grow in 2 to 4 inches of water above the soil. They are useful plants that bridge the gap between lilies in the deep water and marginals at the edge.

Aponageton Distachyum
Classed as a deep marginal because of its habit of growing in about 12 inches of water. Enjoys the Spring to flower at its best because of the cooler water temperature, and again in the Autumn. Blooms have the look of an orchid and produce the heavy sweet scent of hawthorn. Foliage a narrow strap of some 3-4 inches length , an inch or so wide which is easily damaged by pond snails.
Common Name: Water Hawthorn
Price: £7.50 ea.
Nymphpoides Peltata
Water Poppy. Small lily like leaves about an inch in diameter, and brilliant deep yellow buttercup like flowers most of the summer held above the surface. Propagates by surface runners that travel across the pond floor, but is easy to control and is not invasive.
Common Name: Water Fringe
Price: £4.95 ea.
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